Established in 2016

The ZR Team

The ZR Team was founded in June 2016, obtaining, since the beginning, excellent results in competitions on national and international level.

We, in the ZR Team, have as a goal, not only train good athletes and fighters, but educate and guide children and young people to incorporate the true philosophy and spirit of Jiu-jitsu.

In the ZR team’s leadership is the 4º degree black belt, student of the master Carlos Gracie Jr., José Olímpio da Rocha Neto, better known as “Zé Radiola”.

Zé Radiola, teacher and founder of ZR Team, received his black belt in 2001 from his Master Carlos Gracie Jr.

Ze Radiola


To teach the Brazilian jiu-jitsu to everyone, valuing the human being and strengthening the potential that exists within each of our students.


Bring our Jiu-jitsu to every part of the world.


All that is honest, all that is fair, all that is pure, all that is lovely, all that is from good reputation, if there’s any virtue, in this we shall undertake our efforts.

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