Godišnjica postojanja ZR Asocijacije

Kada neko pogleda rezultate asocijacije, čini se kao da postojimo dugo, ali zapravo 4 godine. Sam ZR Tim Srbija naostao je u decembru 2016 godine, a asocijacija juna 2016. Povodom godišnjice time, ZE Radiola se obratio i putem facebook stranice:

“It’s been four intense years. Lived among the ups and downs that only those who have champion heart know how it is. We were born strong, giant and singular. On this walk, we fall and rise, lose and win, learn and teach. We embody our vocabulary the words gratitude and union, valuing those who are with us in the moments of victories and in the moments of being resilient. On this course, we gained the reinforcement of people who became pillars and strengthened us a lot. So many others left us along the way But among so many things, the most important thing is that we know who we are, what we want and believe in our individual and collective potential. We are the green storm, guys!! 💚💚 our calls are strong where we go and our union is the brand that differentiates us. Happy 4 years, ZR Team Association!!! 🏆🎂 We thank every teacher, every instructor and every student who is with us together in our ideal of commitment to a quality jiu-jitsu in the mat, an unwavering crowd in stands and our champions ducts every day in our daily life.”

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